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Daan Utsav at Sangharsh Nagar, Kids prancing at 'IMAGICA'

Significant programmes for this season’s celebrations of Daan Utsav, earlier called the Joy of Giving Week." Chipping in with contributions was the Adlabs theme park ‘Imagica’, a music band ‘Nirvana’ and a set of selfless community workers in Powai...
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NGOs draw plans to free Mumbai of slums

Social welfare groups working with the poor have drawn up a five-point plan to make Mumbai slum-free, their focus being on slum redevelopment...
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Why Mumbai needs to get its urban planning act together

Beyond the glitz and glam of Mumbai lies a dirty underbelly where more than half of its citizens are slum dwellers. Often these people live in conditions entirely unsuitable for human habitation.... Read more »

Bombay High Court asks Maharashtra government to consider scrapping 70 per cent consent for slums

Mumbai's poor could finally get proper homes to live in more quickly. With 2,000 slum clusters spread across the city and nearly 55 lakh people living in slums... Read more »