71st Independence Day Celebration

Nivara Hakk Vocational Training Centre at Goregaon East celebrated the motherland’s 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm. The guest of honour on the occasion was Dr Sameer Dalwai, well known paediatrician and also a professional devoted to child welfare and development. It may not be known to too many people that Dr Dalwai is also a founder member of Nivara Hakk. Dr Dalwai in his keynote speech expressed his happiness to be back at Nivara and also recalled the initial struggles and obstacles the founding members had to face while setting up the Centre.

Doctor pointed out to the young women the importance of a balanced diet and advised them not to follow diet fads at the cost of nutrition and physical and mental well-being. He suggested that the Centre should consider offering dietician courses as it is important to create awareness among young women. He observed that popular culture has spawned certain stereotypes which make young women go on unhealthy, get slim quick diets and even starvation regimes. Doctor cautioned the audience to make informed choices and adopt healthy lifestyles and balanced diets. The speech was welcomed by the Nivara community and we are sure that the guidance from the learned doctor will be well heeded by our students.

The passing out students from the 24th batch at Nivara were thrilled to receive their certificates from the hand of the chief guest.

The program was a platform for the Nivara students to showcase their artistic talents. More importantly the young women freely expressed themselves in front of the audience which would have done wonders to their self-confidence and self-esteem. The program included dances, speeches and songs and were much appreciated by all.

The celebrations concluded with a vote of thanks and it was yet another well organised get together of the Nivara family.