Slum Movements

Rajiv Nagar, Goregoan

Vested interests wanted to get this land vacated, a nearby vacant plot could have been used as a crematorium but the authorities were firm on this particular plot only. Private security force by Estate Investment Co.Pvt. Ltd were stationed there and were regularly intimidating and terrorizing people. 2000 people lived here by 1992 and the plot measured 7,200 sq ft.

The society had registered itself in 1984, the BMC had provided water connections and MHADA had sanctioned toilets. The residents first lost everything in 1987 on account of accidental fire in the neighbourhood.

In January 1988, some slums were demolished by the BMC, against the court order, several women had protested the demolitions and many men and women were injured too. Nivara Hakk organized a morcha to the Housing Minister which were then followed by several meetings and negotiations throughout 1988-1989. On 1st July 1988, list of people living in Rajiv Gandhi Nagar was submitted by NHSS to UPS Madan, Addl. Collector (encroachment) and the Municipal Commissioner G Khairnar was requested to withdraw the eviction notice. But on 1st October 1989 a fresh eviction notice was sent to the residents.

In March 1990, a school started by Nivara Hakk with 130 students was demolished while the classes were on, no prior notice was ever given to them. Some kids were beaten too. There was now confusion as to who was the owner of the land as BMC had earlier confirmed that the land belonged to Estate Investment Company Pvt. Ltd, and had made a panchanama asking land owner why it should not be declared a slum area (4.10.77) under SIP 1971.

In November 1990, the access road to this slum was blocked by a new Flyover Society which made commute of garbage disposal trucks or emergency vehicles impossible to enter the area. In 1991, an alternate access road was then created after negotiations with the builders of this new society.

In August 1991, under the Chief Ministership of Sharad Pawar, 250 houses were illegally demolished, without any prior notice. The residents then filed a writ petition against the BMC for this act.

On 25th March 1992, Nivara Hakk urged the BMC to conduct a joint survey to verify the use of the land, whether its for a cemetery or for dishoused and submit the report to the Chief Minister. The joint survey was carried out after seven months as BMC wasn't ready for it initially. Nivara Hakk in the interim had filed an objection to the change of reservation for the dishoused to the cemetery. When the DP was finalized in 1992, the objection was taken note of and the reservation for the dishoused on this plot stayed and the BMC was then informed not to carry out any demolitions here. Nivara Hakk then submitted a design proposal to the Chief Minister for the rehab of the demolished huts.

In 1998, Shabana Azmi used Rs 8,50,000 from her MP LAD fund to construct toilets and a community centre for this society. The Society along with NHSS organizes various welfare activities, most important being school for the last several years.


Struggle Chronology


22nd Feb 1988 – Letter to Housing Minister from NHSS
Re: Follow up to report on fires
A meeting was first held on Dec 29, 1987 followed by a morcha.

Points for each affected slum made and first step towards rehab listed.

7th April 1988 – Show cause notice on 4.4.1988 by BMC to Shree Ganesh Jansenea society
Not to take action against those on this land

1st July 1988 – List of people living in Rajiv Gandhi nagar submitted by NHSS to UPS Madan Addl.Collector (encroachment)

7th July 1988 – Letter to Addl.Collector do not stop water supply or demolish toilets made originally for chawls

16th July 1988 – Letter to BMC ward officer requesting for water supply


6th May 1989 – Proposed eviction of Rajiv Gandhi nagar wait till given period to show proof of electoral roll and do not demolish on 8th May

8th May 1989 – Request Khairnar to withdraw eviction notice as land reserved for housing dishoused in DP 1981-2001

BMC now wishes to build crematorium but in old DP it was at a diff place. Crematorium position can be changed and a stretch of land from Goregaon-Mulund link road upto Rajiv G.N. was totally vacant until 8 months ago. Still large parts vacant. Please consider the vacant land

1.10.1989 – Vested interest at play to demolish RGN and not consider vacant land. New show cause notice for eviction comes as a surprise.


22nd March 1990 – Letter to Khairnar saying school which teaches 130 children demolished. No prior notice given. The school is on HD plot and not affecting any BMC project. Some children were beaten too.

30th Oct 1990 – Bonafides of slums and necessary documents for ref given to BMC Commissioner, letter stating why slum upgradation work needs to be carried out.

Also ownership of the land doubtful as BMC had earlier confirmed that the land belongs to Estate Investment company Pvt.Ltd., Also panchanama asking land owner why it should not be declared. Slum area (4.10.77) under SIP 1971

29th Nov 1990 – Letter to Dy.Municipal Commissioner –S Danage
Due to construction of 'flyover society' the access road to RGN is constantly threatened. BMC trucks cannot get through RGN to clear garbage. Please recognize slum status and provide all amenities such as toilets, water-supply , access road, electrification and do not demolish the school.


2nd Jan 1991 – Letter to AMC reminding them that the access road should not be clocked till alternate access road created. Take action against some members of fly over society builders.

19th Aug 1991 – 250 houses demolished illegally at RGN without giving even 15 days notice. Court Orders violated.

24th October, 1991 – Writ Petition filed by Ganesh Janseva Society against BMC for illegal demolitions.

RGN is situated in Goregaon East, Dindoshi
300 families reside here
Society along with NHSS organizes various welfare activities, most important being school for the last seven years.
As per the DP Plan the land on which the nagar is built is reserved for housing the dishoused
It is a recognized and declared slum
Society registered since 1984
BMC has given water connections, MHADA sanctioned toilets
Major fire in 1987, collector filed an affidavit recognizing RGN to be a pre-1985 slum
Most residents listed in 1984 voter list
Around 1991 (Sharad Pawar as CM) it was demolished and court orders were violated again. It was monsoon season
School set up by NHSS also demolished when classes were going on.

12 Jan 1988- some slums demolished by BMC inspite of court order, women protested and some men were injured.

Private security force by estate investment Co.pvt. ltd were regularly intimidating and terrorizing people of this Nagar.


27th Jan 1992 – Request to CM Sudhakar Naik to sanction proposal for developing services, infrastructure and housing..

13th March 1992 – Met CM for 4 slum agendas
25th March 1992 – requesting BMC to conduct joint survey with NHSS to ascertain land reserved is for HD or cemetery. Report to be submitted to CM within 30 days.

20th Aug 1992- Letter to Dy MC reminding that CM had ordered for RGN to stay even if it was an land reserved for cemetery appeals against the order of civil court were filed. No joint survey taken even ofter 5 months. We object the changes in DP from HD to cemetery.

30th-9-92 – Survey carried out with BMC and AE planning department
15.10.92 – Nivara Samiti, BMC on collision course. The Daily

15-10-1992 – The Daily
2000 people live here, 7,200 sq.m plot BMC wants to make it a cemetery for muslims, NHSS says its marked for housing the dishoused

15th Nov 92 – Informing BMC that DP Plan has been finalized, land still reserved for HD. So do not take action to make cemetery.

26th Nov'92 – Design proposal for RGN submitted to CM

26th Sept'94 – Fear of demolition again as BMC officials started taking measurement. But on 5.4.94 meeting with BMC Commissioner it was decided to put up slum for redevelopment.
10th July 1996 – Death and injuries at Atbhatti (P South) Goregaon from landslides on July 5-6. One dead, 3 injured.
15th Sept 1997- Maintaining PG meant for Balwadi school. Letter to ward officer asking not to concretize PG and only roads and by lanes. The PG is part of Ganesh Janseva Society for which SRD proposal has been given.
17th April 1998 – MP Shabana Azmi sanctions Rs.8,50,000 for community centre, toilet blocks.
5th July 1999 – Letter to ward offices requesting to see that access road is not blocked by flyover society as garbage vehicles cannot enter leaving GN filthy
8th Aug 2005 – Slums under threat by landslides during monsoons. Residents take shelter in Balwadi. BMC should have evacuation measures for endangered slums. Give alternative sites. A 30 years old woman killed in land slide, 10 yr old suffered multiple fractures. 'One killed in Goregaon landslide, July 6, 2006, Hindustan times.
16th Feb 2009 - Attempt to forcibly capture Nivara Balwadi and compound at Etbhatti by gangster Jamil Khan and associates. Letter to senior P Inspector, Dindoshi P.S.