Slum Movements

MISC Slums

  1. Gautam Nagar – (Kandivali West, near Babrekar Nagar)
  2. Murgan Chawl – (Santacruz)
  3. Shiv Nagar slums, Andheri west
  4. Demolition in Bandra East (Garib nagar and Prem Nagar)
  5. Maharashtra Nagar (Bandra)
  6. Report on Anand Nagar demolitions, April 22nd, 1994.
  7. Rahul Nagar Slum on Forest land – 3rd May 1990

Gautam Nagar – (Kandivali West, near Babrekar Nagar)

Residents approached Nivara around 25th April 1997 in respect of the collector Suburban giving them notice to furnish proof of residence before 1995. We aided them in getting a stay order against any demolition action. But some antisocial elements claiming to be from Republican party have been harassing the people attempting to extort money in the name of having got a stay order. But our legal work was done free of cost. They have also assaulted committee member of Gautam nagar Rehavasi Sangh.

It is the same as Babrekar Nagar as stated in the electoral roll – Letter to collector dated 2nd July, 1997.

He restrains state from demolishing slum colony, TOI, 10th Oct, 1997 at New Khairwadi nagar, part of Bakrekar nagar, Kandivali west which was demolished in mid-July.

Pavement – dwellers dispute civic officials claim on demolitions – TOI, 18.11.97
11,500 hutments demolished in various parts of the city, 55,000 homeless

Homeless, Aug 6, 2000 – Midday Cityscape
5000 homes destroyed in Bhim Nagar, 60,000 face homelessness.

10th Aug 2000 – Navbharat Times
Jambozoshi Nagar & Siddharth Nagar slums in Malad demolished by Forest Officials.

28th Dec 1997 – Slums at Gautam Nagar demolished, in discriminate lathicharge, teargassing of slum dwellers.

Nov 22, 1997 – 400 huts, Azad Nagar, Kurau Village demolished.

July 23, 1996 – Nivara activist G Krishna assaulted on July 13 by 3 people with sword. They were bootleggers (Dindoshi)

Murgan Chawl – (Santacruz)

Situated at 15th Road, Santacruz (W) existence price to 1976.
M/s.Arora builders has shown interest to develop this plot since June 1996.
M/s.Arora builders befriended a few antisocial elements residing at Murgan chawl and with their help obtained signatures of residents without explaining to them them the contents of the agreement 24 residents refused to sign the agreement, 49 cancelled their signed agreements. Police hand in glove with builder refusing to file complaints. In fact residents being picked up by police on saome pretext as the other.
NHSS trying to settle the case amicably but to no avail. Request police to file complaints.

15th Sept 1997 – Letter to CEO, SRA from Nivara informing them that residents of Murgan chawl want to redevelop their plot on their own, agreement with Arora builders is cancelled.

3rd April, 2000 – Nivara sent the collector a draft copy of the agreement which the residents are ready to execute. Arora builders has acted in a most irregular manner and he has not even indicated the SRA that he has paid of 56 of the residents. We want assurance that the said structures will not be demolished.

29th June 2004 – Nivara writes to CEO, SRA that Society has been formed by only a few who have political interest and pursuing their pvt interest without the input of majority. Bonafide residents excluded from this scheme. Meet and help settle the issue.

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Shiv Nagar slums, Andheri west

  • Slum developed by Ruchita developers
  • Approved constructing more
  • Community has no information about completion schedule
  • They have been living in transit camp for over four years.
  • Builder gave incomplete flats. No SRA official to verify completion or allotment.
  • Developer collecting money frommembers on different accounts and not giving detail information.
  • We request you (CEO,SRA) to give all details and proposed joint visit
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Demolition in Bandra East (Garib nagar and Prem Nagar)

On 14th May 1998, Garib Nagar and Prem Nagar on Babdra East station were demolished. 240 huts raized. All heads of the family were taken away in atruck on the pretext of giving them alternate accommodation but at the same time bulldozers were brought in to demolish the hutments. Committee for Rights for Housing (CRH) visited the site at 2 p.m., decided to go to the truth of the matter and requested formation of committee. BMC needs this land to build road leading to Bandra Terminus. BMC tried demolition here in 1991, residents went to Supreme Court and after 8 years only 145 people were given alternate accommodation. Why did BMC demolish 240 instead of 145. Protestors got police lathi blows. Only 68 have been given alternate accommodation. 30% residents ready to built hut at the cost of 7 -20 thousand. No demolition notice given.

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Maharashtra Nagar (Bandra)

24th Feb 1995 – 200 huts razed to ground. NHSS claims arson. A local resident and two children suffered burn injuries.
Other demolition was carried on March 1, 1995 and even makeshift shelters wee confiscated. Local threated by BMC to vacate or it will be set on fire. Fire brigade arrived late.
Maharashtra Nagar was developed in 1990. When some 155 families were given alternative pitches by the BMC on account of Mahim flyover construction. They are yet to receive an allotment letter for the alternative pitch. It has been demolished 23 times. Residents have built their own dwellings after investing thousands of rupees in reclaiming the lad from marshy backwaters of the Mahim creek. The police charged Rs.50 per truck for the effort.

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Report on Anand Nagar demolitions, April 22nd, 1994.

Download PDF Report (3mb)

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Rahul Nagar Slum on Forest land – 3rd May 1990

Dispute regarding land status of Rahul Nagar. BMC & MHADA approved proposals for water supply and toilets since 14th July 1978 no work has been carried out as forest dept objects.
It exists since 1965. The land is party of NDZ but has o forest on it and basti is below tansa pipe line which separates the hill area.

Letter to Maneka Gandhi, MoS for encironment, GOI for allowing water supply and toilet facilities.

Basti has 300 huts, situated on foot hills of Mulund colony. Along with neighbouring basti Shaker Tekdi, 1500 families reside here since 1962.
BMC was given 3,38,042 by MHADA to carry out work

13.3.1992 – In meeting with CM Sharad Pawar it was decided that forest dept will be compensated with equivalent land area elsewhere and necessary exemptions will therefore be given for under taking development work including providing water taps and toilets.

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